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IF Comp 2007: Across the Stars

Oh, thank the gods, a good game! A nicely written SF game about pirate attacks and the protag's stranding on an alien planet.It is quite traditional in a good way, with fair and clean designed puzzles, deep implementation and a lot of things one can miss if one isn't observant.
Yes, the story could probably be deeper, but there is nothing wrong with a game just trying to let the player have a good time.
Plus: Shiny feelies and as much hints as one may need or want.

There are only two flaws in the implementation: Firstly the verb "activate" should have been implemented. Secondly you can encounter a game breaking bug - if you use the detonator and just wait it out instead of moving into another room, some error messages appear, the landscape doesn't change as needed and you are stuck.

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